Wednesday, January 26

Politics. Presidential 2022: how to increase purchasing power?

A feat ! In 2020, despite the brutal recession due to Covid, the purchasing power of the French increased by 0.2%. And in 2021, supported by a strong economic recovery, it gained 1.7%.

And yet, the purchasing power is at the top of the concerns of the French. This is because “the rational legal statistics of INSEE” weigh little against the “feelings, the perception” of the French, note in The world Robert Zarader and Samuel Jequier, from the Bona fidé institute. Proof of this is the year 2018, which saw the revolt of the yellow vests while purchasing power increased by 0.7%, according to INSEE.

Essential nuances

This is the trap of statistical averages. The Parisian authorities (and the media), who travel by taxi or metro, did not anticipate the consequences of the rise in fuel prices on households in small towns, where two jobs imply …

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