Wednesday, January 26

Prof. Eric Caumes: “What matters is to be immunized, either naturally or by vaccination”

Guest of Laurence Ferrari in the Matinale de CNEWS, Professor Eric Caumes, expressed his opposition to the transformation of the health pass into a vaccination pass.

“I am for the health pass, moreover I was one of the first to say that the health pass was an excellent idea, it was a real political courage last June, but there the vaccination pass, no”, he stressed. And to hammer out: “the health pass is an excellent idea, the vaccination pass, no”.

A “nonsense”

The infectious disease specialist from Hôtel-Dieu deems it nonsense to push for the vaccination of people who may have been infected with Covid-19. “We do not have to force people to be vaccinated when they were infected the week before or the month before”.

“What matters is to be immunized”, whether by the vaccine or by natural infection, explained Eric Caumes, stressing that with the current figures of contaminations, it is “hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people ”who will be immunized.

Faced with the sharp epidemic recovery, the government decided to transform the health pass into a vaccination pass. Concretely, this means that it will be necessary to be vaccinated or have a certificate of recovery from Covid-19 to obtain a pass. Negative tests will no longer be taken into account.

“Other priorities than vaccinating children against a cold”

Regarding the vaccination of children, the infectious disease specialist considered that it should not be a priority, given the effects on this population of the Omicron variant, now the majority in the country.

“All the people who pushed for the vaccination of children were still in the image of the Delta but this has changed, it is the Omicron. And on the Omicron, the problem is not at all the same, it is a cold in children, for the vast majority of them. And so we are not going to vaccinate children against a cold, he stressed.

Professor Eric Caumes has indicated that he does not believe that there are any risks in vaccinating children. “I just think there are other priorities than vaccinating children against colds,” he added.

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