Sunday, January 16

Seine-Maritime: two cliffs fall apart in a few days near Étretat

A new landslide took place this weekend not far from the world-famous cliffs of Etretat, in Seine-Maritime. This is the second collapse in the space of a few days.

Filmed by an amateur and picked up by a series of local media, this landslide took place this January 1 on the beach of Tilleul.

Asked by France 3 regions, the videographer said that “initially, it’s very impressive. There is a whole pile of dust which arrived, everyone was rubbing their eyes ”.

This is the second landslide in just a few days. The Normandy coasts are victims of nearly 60 collapses of this type per year.

And each year, the cliff recedes an average of 20 centimeters each year. In question ? Global warming and rising sea levels, which weaken the cliffs.

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