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TF1 and France 2 topped 2021 TV audiences, CNews jumps in one year

Sport, fiction and information: this cocktail was successful at TF1 and France 2, which remain respectively first and second on the podium of 2021 TV audiences, driven by strong increases in one year, like CNews whose audience has jumped without dethroning its rival BFMTV.

According to figures published Monday by Médiamétrie, the audience share (pda) of TF1, all categories of viewers combined, increased by 0.5 point to 19.7%, approaching the 20% mark, a level under which the first channel fell in 2019.

The first channel recorded 70 of the 100 best audiences in 2021, in particular the strongest of them: the eighth finals of the France-Switzerland football Euro on June 28, which gathered 16.4 million viewers.

Also to the credit of TF1, the audience card of the French series “HPI”, which attracted 12.4 million viewers, achieving the best audience in French fiction of 2021 but also since 2005.

In terms of daily information, the front page also won the day by achieving 95 of the top 100 television news audiences over the past year.

“These remarkable performances illustrate our desire to be at the heart of the daily life of the French with an event offering, popular and demanding, and are the fruit of our editorial and digital transformation responding to the evolution of uses”, welcomed Gilles Pélisson. , CEO of the TF1 Group, quoted in a press release.

France 2 is not left with a jump of 0.6 point with 14.7%, which marks a level of audience at the highest since 2012, pulled by the same cocktail of sport, fiction and information.

The second channel thus achieved its best audience of the year in the first part of the evening with the France-Scotland match of the Six Nations Tournament which gathered more than 7.6 million viewers on March 26.

The broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics, during the summer, contributed to the general performance of the channel which also prides itself on the success of series such as “Capitaine Marleau”, “Astrid et Raphaëlle” or more recently “Around the world. in 80 days “.

– CNews s’installe –

In addition to the news, the investigative magazines of France 2 are doing well. The issue of “Cash Investigation” dedicated to Dominique Strauss-Kahn has attracted up to 2.4 million viewers, and that of Special Envoy ” Nicolas Hulot: des femmes accuse “, broadcast at the end of November, achieved a record since 2017 with a peak audience of 3.9 million viewers.

Reduced to group level, France Télévisions and its five channels (France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5 and franceinfo) recorded an audience share of 28.9% compared to 27.2% for the TF1 group and its five channels (TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries films and LCI).

On the third step of the podium, France 3 posted an audience share of 9.4% identical to last year, just ahead of M6 which increased by 0.1 audience point over one year, to 9.1%.

France 5 posted 3.3% audience share, down 0.2 point, followed by TMC (3% audience, stable over one year) and Arte, which remained at 2.9% over one year .

Canal +, down 0.1 point, is on par with another channel in its CStar group at 1.1%. The news channel of the Canal + group, CNews is shaking up the game with an audience share of 2%, up sharply by 0.6 points. As a reminder, in 2019, it recorded an audience share of 0.8%.

BFMTV however remains the leading news channel with 2.9% audience share like last year. LCI’s audience at 1.1% fell by 0.1 point, and franceinfo remained stable at 0.7% over one year.

The overall television viewing time in 2021, which takes into account viewing on all screens (telephone, computer, etc.), catching up and away from home, has returned to its pre-health crisis and confinement level, to 3h41 per day on average compared to 3h58 in 2020.

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