Friday, January 28

The ban on drinking standing in bars, a measure that does not pass

Until January 23 at least, cafes and restaurants will only be able to receive customers if they have “a seat”.

It is therefore forbidden to drink coffee at the counter under penalty of a € 135 fine. A new health measure that does not pass, both with professionals and customers.

For some, the government has simply “shifted the problem”, while owners of bars and cafes fear a drop in their turnover in the coming weeks.

Like Brigitte, waitress in a bar in Boulogne-Billancourt, professionals find it “a shame” not to work as usual and denounce “a loss of contact with the customer”.

Same story for several customers, who believe that “the problem of contamination” will not be resolved after this decision.

However, the ban on drinking standing in restaurants and cafes runs, for the moment, until the end of January.

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