Friday, January 28

UEFA: Infantino in turn offers one Euro every two years

FIFA president Gianni Infantino said on Monday that he would not oppose a Euro every two years.

“The World Cup every two years is not a will on my part, but on the FIFA Congress, which has requested a feasibility study, Infantino said on Monday to the Italian media Radio Anch’io Sport . We did a very serious study and from a sporting point of view it would work and the economic impact would be positive for everyone. In Europe, there is opposition to this project but it is a way of including.

But like the World Cups, the Euro could also take place every two years, ”explained the boss of the international body in an interview with the Italian radio program Anch’io Sport.

During a meeting on December 20, Fifa put forward economic arguments for its biennial World Cup project, which would include 48 teams. Gianni Infantino then suggested the creation of a solidarity fund for member associations in order to redistribute the gains.

As a reminder, several voices were raised against this project including Kylian Mbappé and Robert Lewandowski.

Still, nothing will be acted without the official agreement of Alexander Ceferin president of UEFA, organizer of European competitions, who has already gone to the front to oppose the reform of a World Cup every two years.

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