Tuesday, January 18

Why it matters. Covid-19: the vaccine pass arrives Monday in front of the deputies

Last straight line before the adoption of the vaccine pass.

The Parliament (the Assembly on Monday, then the Senate on Wednesday) examines the bill “strengthening the tools for managing the health crisis”. Once voted, these provisions will come into force on January 15 (with the possibility for the prefects to adapt the date in the Overseas Territories where the vaccination rate is lower). This is what the text provides.

Pass vaccinal

All over 12 years old must present proof of vaccination to access leisure activities, restaurants and bars (except catering), fairs, seminars and trade shows, and interregional public transport (planes, trains, coaches).

In transport, an exception is foreseen. In the event of “compelling family or health reasons”, it will be possible to travel with a negative test (with the possibility of postponing it “urgently preventing obtaining the required proof”).

The prefects may make access to department stores or shopping centers conditional on the presentation of a vaccination pass. Employees in the sectors concerned will be required, under certain conditions, to have such a pass.

Booster dose and vaccination pass: the new rules

To obtain the new vaccination pass, you will need a complete vaccination schedule.
If you are over 65, you must now justify a booster dose, given no more than seven months after your second dose.
– From January 15, every 18 years and over will be subject to the obligation of a third dose (or one depending on the vaccine received or if you have already had Covid). And this, seven months at most after their second dose (or possible Covid contamination).
From February 15th, the rules change. You will need to have taken your booster dose within four months of your second dose, and no longer seven, to benefit from a complete vaccination schedule, and to obtain the vaccination pass. In this course, an infection will always be equivalent to an injection: if you have two doses, and have had the Covid in the meantime, you meet the conditions to have the pass.
What about 12-18 year olds? For the moment, adolescents are not eligible for the booster dose, except those who are immunocompromised or have a high-risk disease or comorbidity. Access to the vaccine pass for adolescents is therefore conditional on two doses.

Tests: health and school trips

The “old-fashioned” health pass, with the possibility of presenting a negative test result, due to lack of vaccination, remains valid in certain exceptional cases. It is maintained for access to health and medico-social establishments and services, except in emergencies, whether for the sick or their companions. MEPs also voted on the possibility of using a negative Covid-19 test for school trips for 12-17 year olds to places subject to the health pass.

Fight against fraud

Those responsible for checking the pass will be able to verify, “in case of doubt”, the identity of the holder. Sanctions are stepped up. Presenting a pass belonging to another and transmitting a pass to someone with a view to its fraudulent use will be punished from the first failure by a fixed fine of 1,000 euros, against 135 euros currently.

The very possession of a false pass will be punished by five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros. The lack of control of the pass by the operator of an establishment open to the public will be liable from the first failure to a fine of 1,000 euros.

Emergency state

The state of health emergency will last until March 31 in Réunion and Martinique. What if this exceptional regime, which allows for re-containment or curfew, was declared in another ultra-marine territory before the 1is March, it would automatically be extended until the end of March as well.


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