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Christian Eriksen talks about cardiac arrest: – They were so incredibly fast

Christian Eriksen (29) has given his first interview after the cardiac arrest during last year’s European Football Championship.

SLO RING: Denmark’s national team players call Christian Eriksen, who receives treatment from medical personnel during the match against Finland. Eriksen’s life was saved.

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– I’m grateful they were so incredibly fast. First the teammates, and then the national team doctors before someone came with a defibrillator and helped my heart start, Eriksen tells DR.

In Denmark’s opening match of this summer’s European Championships, at home in the great hall Parken, Eriksen fell over with a cardiac arrest just before the break.

Teammates stormed in, midfielder Simon Kjær took action and everyone in the stadium understood the seriousness of what had happened. The 29-year-old’s life was eventually saved.

VG updates the case.

The Danish national broadcaster will present the documentary «Christian Eriksen – My History» on DRTV on Thursday.

Eriksen lives well in Milan today. He has no doubt that the quick reaction from teammates and professionals saved his life – and allows him to play with his two children today.

He says that he has thanked the doctors, players and people on the national team personally, but he still does not feel that he has said a proper thank you.

– All fans, who have sent thousands of letters. All the flowers I have received. And all the possible words I have received on the streets here in Italy or Denmark. I want to thank them for the support they have shown, he says.

Eriksen wished that it was the performances on the field that gave him the attention.

– It was not because I wanted people to send flowers that I was dead for five minutes, says Eriksen, who is clubless after he was released from the Inter contract just before Christmas.

In the quotes that have been made known, Eriksen repeatedly thanks for the help and support, without it appearing how he sees the future.

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