Monday, January 24

Covid-19: 200 detainees isolated after the discovery of a cluster at the Beauvais penitentiary center

The diagnosis of the Hauts-de-France Regional Health Agency (ARS) fell like a chopper: the Beauvais prison center, in the Oise, is a cluster of Covid-19 cases. Twenty-five detainees tested positive during a screening operation on Friday, December 31. Since then, an entire building has been in isolation.

This represents approximately 150 to 200 prisoners, knowing that, in another unit, a complete floor is also subjected to this quarantine. That is to say about fifty additional detainees.

A “tense” climate

Asked by The Parisian, a prison supervisor explains that this situation increases “the risk of tensions” within the prison. The detainees thus placed in solitary confinement “do not have the right to visits, but they are also deprived of a walk and all ancillary activities such as sport or access to the library”.

An assault on supervisors has already been reported on Monday, January 3. Without being able to link it directly to this cluster of Covid-19, it shows in any case “that the climate is already tense”, estimates this employee of the penitentiary center.

At the same time, the risk of being contaminated also weighs on staff and inmates. Wearing a mask is compulsory for everyone, ffp2 masks and coveralls have also been distributed to employees.

A new screening campaign, including prisoners and employees, should be organized soon. Until then, it is expected that the Beauvais prison will remain classified among the clusters, at least until next Friday.

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