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Disc boom by Vinje

In an article in Aftenposten on December 30, Professor Emeritus Finn-Erik Vinje refers to my text in his critique of “language activists”. Vinje says: “In Aftenposten on Christmas Eve, a doctor with a Polish name is dissatisfied with the word” Poles “being used about those who have a Polish passport.”

Here Vinje misinterprets. The statistics to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), which Aftenposten passes on, is not about which passport a hospital patient carries. Nor whether they come from Poland, as the term “Pole” should be mean in its most neutral form. The statistics are about the category «Country of birth», the country in which the patient was born.

How long the person has lived in their country of birth and what passport they carry is not stated. “Polakk” is not synonymous with “native Poland” and thus leads to misunderstandings of FHI’s data. FHI thus reports on patients with birth country Poland, not «Poles».

In comparison, the newspaper headline: “In one week, 16 elderly people were admitted to hospital” had been an inaccurate way of disseminating FHI’s data on age category 74-84 years. It had also been obscene. We’re talking about sick people here.

Grateful as I am for the honor, my name does not originate from Poland.

Patji Alnæs-Katjavivi, doctor

NRK and winter sports on TV

NRK has always been No. 1 in winter sports. Sports without idiotic advertising elements. My interest has been Nordic branches and alpine skiing. Now also tennis with Casper Ruud and golf with Viktor Hovland. I have accepted that tennis, golf and maybe alpine skiing are not “popular” enough for NRK. But now NRK has also given up Nordic branches. Almost not the World Cup, not the Tour de Ski and not the New Year’s jump race either! It is TV 2 / TV3 and their pay channels that have taken over it all. The two channels do not shy away!

The “smartest” thing is to broadcast the first round of alpine on TV3 and the second round on the pay channel! The other great trick the channels have is not to use the program archive, so everything you do not see directly must be paid extra. With NRK out of the competition, we get all the tricks that are possible from both these and other TV channels.

If NRK does not manage to get the rights to folk sports as Nordic branches, we must close down the whole of NRK. What do we have a state channel for? The people? Then we can just as well use the NRK fee to subsidize the payment channels – because that’s how it has turned out!

Tipper Winter Olympics will be TV chaos, especially for us seniors.

Trond Christiansen, Bærum


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