Wednesday, January 19

Matrix: Keanu Reeves donated 70% of his salary to cancer research

Keanu Reeves is a generous, and anonymous, donor. According to the American site Ladbible, the star of the “Matrix” saga would have paid no less than 70% of his total salary for the role.

In 1999, the actor had received 10 million dollars (or 8.87 million euros) to play Neo in the science fiction film, before earning more than 35 million dollars (31 million euros) after the success of what will become one of the biggest blockbusters of modern cinema. In the end, the site estimates that Keanu Reeves donated $ 31.5 million (nearly € 28 million) for leukemia research.

A cause that is particularly close to her heart since her sister, Kim, was diagnosed with blood cancer in 1991. She fought for 10 years before going into remission in 2001. Keanu Reeves has not stopped provided to donate money to research, and even created its own foundation.

“I have a private foundation that has been running for five or six years, and it supports a handful of children’s hospitals, and cancer research. I do not like to attach my name to it, I prefer to let the foundation do what it has to do ”, he specified in 2009 in the American magazine Ladies’ Home Journal.

In 2020, Keanu Reeves auctioned off a private meeting via the 15-minute Zoom videoconferencing software, which found a buyer for $ 19,000 (16,840 euros). The entire amount was donated to an association helping children with cancer.

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