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Not a majority to overthrow the government to get rid of the liquor ban

Several parties express that they want to end the drinking ban. But neither the Conservatives, the Liberals nor the Social Democrats will support proposals to overrule the government in the case.

On 13 December, the government introduced a liquor ban throughout Norway as one of several measures against increasing coronary heart disease.

The government is under constant pressure to lift the ban on drinking. Both restaurant owners, trade union leaders, mayors and a number of national politicians have in recent days been out with demands that the government must turn around and allow alcohol serving.

Both MDG and Frp are now proposing this in the Storting. They will not wait until the government makes a new assessment of the case on 14 January.

These proposals will not get a majority.

Central politicians in SV, Venstre and Høyre inform Aftenposten that they will not contribute to the Storting doing as last year: Instructing the government to remove the liquor ban. This happened when the FRP in January last year put forward a similar proposal when Erna Solberg and Bent Høie controlled the corona policy.

In January last year, the Labor Party helped to overthrow the bourgeois government on a stop to drinking. Today’s Minister of Health Ingvild Kjerkol will not experience the same.

The left will not control details

Although both the Liberal Party and the Socialist People’s Party have stated that they believe the government should consider its view on the matter, they will not overrule the government.

– No, the Liberal Party believes that the Storting should not control infection control measures in detail, says the Liberal Party’s Sveinung Rotevatn.

He is aware that this is the government’s area of ​​responsibility.

– But our advice to the government is to lift the national liquor ban after 14 January, he says to Aftenposten.

Rotevatn has stated to Bergens Tidende that there are several alternatives between what he calls “full release” and a stop to drinking.

The government must continuously assess the case

SV’s Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes also does not say SV will vote for MDG’s otherwise Frp’s proposal.

– No, we must first get a proper assessment of the proportionality of national drinking bans, he says.

He calls for an assessment of whether the consequences for people and industry are in relation to the infection control effect.

– The measure was first and foremost a precautionary measure in a meeting with omikron in December. “Being on the safe side” was FHI’s justification. How is this going now? The government should continuously assess whether this was correct, not wait until January 14, he says to Aftenposten.

The Conservatives do not want to do as the Labor Party

Conservative leader Erna Solberg has on Tuesday been in meetings with nightlife actors at home in Bergen. She has no plans to support any proposal that asks the current government to change policy.

– The Conservatives do not intend to do as the Labor Party did in opposition a year ago. Then we experienced that the parliamentary majority overruled the government on exactly this, against all professional recommendations. I think we all learned that was not wise, says the former prime minister.

However, she adds that one should be humble because it is difficult to know exactly where the boundaries go.

– It is not certain that a full stop of drinking is necessary much longer. It is easy to understand that this is tough to stand in both for those who work in the nightlife industry, and for those who miss social meeting places, she says.

FRP will submit proposals on Wednesday

MDG delivered its proposal to lift the liquor ban on Tuesday. And the FRP announces that the party on Wednesday will put forward a proposal to immediately lift the national liquor ban.

FRP’s health policy spokesperson Bård Hoksrud stated to several media that FRP believes it is possible to distinguish between pubs and bars and restaurants. FRP believes that the drinking ban should in the first instance be lifted in the restaurants. The reason is the consideration for jobs.

– I think there is a great understanding for abolishing the liquor ban in restaurants, but not in nightclubs. It’s not the same everywhere. Then you have the opportunity to ensure that you comply with the infection control rules, Hoksrud told Dagbladet.

Several FRP politicians have expressed that they hope to get a majority for the proposal. The party had partial success with a similar proposal last year.

On Tuesday 19 January last year, the FRP got the majority in the Storting to lift the liquor ban. But before it had practical consequences, a mutated virus appeared, which created curls and contributed to new and strict coronary measures.

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