Friday, January 28

Omicron: a mouse could have produced the variant

Omicron variant mystery revealed? According to a study conducted by the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Society of Genetics of China, this mutation of Covid-19 could come from a jump between humans and mice.

In addition to worrying the scientific community about its strong contagion, the Omicron variant is intriguing by its evolution since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Spotted in 2020 in humans, it did not reappear until the end of 2021, causing a fifth wave and even becoming dominant in many countries.

However, some mysteries may have been solved. Indeed, a study Chinese claim that Omicron could have developed in certain animals. It would thus have circulated in mice for more than a year.

“We have suggested a trajectory in which the ancestor of Omicron experienced an inverse zoonotic event from humans to mice during the pandemic (most likely mid-2020) and accumulated mutations in a mouse host for more than a year. year before returning to humans at the end of 2021 ”, the scientists estimated.

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