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People. Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff: a final interview to discuss time, death and Didier Raoult

Igor Bogdanoff died Monday at the age of 72, less than a week after his brother Grichka, who died on December 28, after several days of hospitalization and a coma. “In peace and love, surrounded by his children and his family, Igor Bogdanoff left for the light on Monday January 3, 2022”, wrote his relatives in a message sent by his agent.

On December 6, the PAF’s most famous twins gave France Blue their last radio interview, which now takes on a particular color. They had in turn evoked death, time, the universe and … Didier Raoult. They said they were “in great shape”.

“Death is not a stop”

“Death is not a stop, not at all,” Grichka says on this show. After this material disappearance, there is something else, there is information. That is, something much denser, much more complete and complex than matter. It is an opening, not a closing. Human beings, when the matter which composes them stops, are prolonged by information, that is to say the totality of what they are, in a much more amplified way … “

“Could it be the soul? », Asks the journalist Deborah Grunwald. “Yes, we can say it like that”, answers Igor. And to follow up on a comparison. “When you slip a DVD disc into your player, you press play and at that point you see the movie, the story, the characters, a reality. You are then in the world of energy… Then when you press eject, you recover your DVD disc, and there, the screen goes black, the whole story is in your DVD, it’s nothing else only information. There is no more real time, continues Igor, than information. But that doesn’t mean the heroes of the film are gone, they’re still on the DVD. Well, that’s exactly what happens when the physical body disappears… ”

“We believe that Didier Raoult has answers”

A little further on in the show, the twins try to rehabilitate Didier Raoult: “We think that Didier Raoult, whose scientific background is indisputable and superior to most of those who criticize him, has answers. The molecules he talks about are molecules he has tested ”. For Igor and Grechka, the fallen infectious disease specialist “is out of step with the scientific doxa but this difference will prove that he was right in some time. There are cursed scholars, just as there are cursed poets. Poets have grace, scholars have madness, ”Grichka assures us.

It must be said that the two brothers are not themselves strangers to scientific controversies. Their scientific works have aroused their share of controversy and have earned them the wrath of a part of the scientific community who criticized the “low value” of their work. In 2010, the weekly Marianne published extracts from a CNRS report according to which the theses and other articles of the two brothers have “no scientific value”.

Work on “lengthening life”

At the end of the program, the twins reveal that they are “close to a laboratory which is working today on, not immortality, but the extension of life” and that “when the time is right, we will do the tests available ”. Unfortunately, their refusal to consider their vulnerability to the threat of Covid will have showered this project. “I told them fifty times to get vaccinated against Covid-19, regrets their friend Luc Ferry, professor of philosophy and former Minister of Education. We talked about it again on the phone less than three weeks ago when everything was going well for them. “


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