Tuesday, January 25

CES show in Las Vegas – For Mercedes, electric cars with more than 1,000 km of range are for tomorrow

(Belga) Electric cars with over 1,000 km of range are no longer a mirage in the Nevada desert, if Mercedes-Benz is to be believed. The German car manufacturer has indeed presented a prototype of a vehicle with high energy efficiency with this scope, a world first, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The technology could integrate the brand’s future production cars within a few years.

The Vision EQXX could travel more than 1,000 kilometers in normal road traffic with a single battery charge, says the manufacturer. This is 279 km more than the nearly 770 km of the current best electric class model, the Mercedes EQS. The car, which also has solar panels on the roof, must however still be tested on the road in a few months, on a journey of 1,000 kilometers, the distance between Paris and Berlin. If it works and this battery and its range are deployed on production vehicles, this will be a way of getting around the problem caused by charging infrastructure that is still too deficient in Europe, says Mercedes-Benz. The prototype presented in Las Vegas was developed in the space of 18 months, among others by the engineers of the Formula 1 and Formula E teams of the German manufacturer. The components and technical details of the car could be visible in future production vehicles within two to three years, and therefore by 2025. As for the battery, of 201 hp, it could be integrated into a car compact, says Mercedes-Benz. (Belga)


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