Friday, January 21

Guadeloupe: the boss of the Pointe-à-Pitre hospital exfiltrated by the police

A police car in front of the entrance to the University Hospital of Pointe-à-Pitre, in Guadeloupe, November 26, 2021 Christophe ARCHAMBAULT

The director of the CHU of Guadeloupe and his two assistants had to be exfiltrated by the police from their offices besieged Tuesday by activists against the vaccination obligation of caregivers, announced to AFP the management of the hospital.

The administrative building of the CHU of Guadeloupe, the scene of tensions around the issue of the compulsory vaccination of caregivers, was besieged on Tuesday and the management “sequestered” in its offices before being finally “exfiltrated” by the police, explained to AFP the director general of the CHU, Gérard Cotellon.

“I was extracted with a punch in the ribs and a huge blow to the head, I lost consciousness for 10 seconds I think,” Cotellon said. His deputy, Cédric Zolezzi, also said he was molested. “I was torn off my shirt, I got urine on me while I was running towards a police car,” he said, saying he was “shocked”. Management has announced its intention to file a complaint.

If this exfiltration did not give rise to arrests, it was like a “rugby scrum”, according to a police source, while the demonstrators were “rather calm” throughout the day.

“We have come to claim the money we are owed,” Gaby Clavier, former secretary of the health branch of the UGTG union, who was present at the scene with the demonstrators told AFP. The latter demand the payment of the salaries of the suspended agents, following their refusal to comply with the vaccination obligation.

The demonstrators left the scene in the early evening. This is not the first time that these administrative premises have been targeted as part of this mobilization. At the end of 2021, several degradations had already taken place.

According to the CHU, which is preparing for an influx of patients due to the resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic, 95% of staff “meet the vaccine obligation”.

The director general of the ARS, Valérie Denux strongly condemned “the aggression”, in an official communication on social networks Wednesday morning.

“People who have acted in this way can no longer call themselves health professionals. It is deeply shocking that directors of health establishments may feel threatened and be insulted, beaten, soiled by people claiming to belong to their establishment” , she said.

“As the fifth wave is here, and they and their families may be taken care of by the same people they have insulted, calm must return and those who do not want to be vaccinated must turn the page of. their professional practice in the health sector, ”added Ms. Denux.

Ary Chalus, president of the Guadeloupe region, also denounces these “abuses” and recalls, with all the regional elected representatives, “that individual freedoms are always accompanied by individual responsibilities towards others”.

President Emmanuel Macron, interviewed by the daily Le Parisien, sparked controversy on Tuesday by declaring that he was ready to “piss off” the unvaccinated. “The unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off. And so we will continue to do it, until the end. That’s the strategy,” he proclaimed.

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