Friday, May 20

Hellbound: South Korean actress Kim Mi-soo dies suddenly at 29

Seen in the series Snowdrop and Hellbound, the South Korean actress Kim Mi-soo died suddenly at the age of 29, reports the American site Variety.

It was through a press release sent by the actress’s agency, Landscape Entertainment, that the sad news was revealed. The circumstances of the young woman’s death are not known at the moment.

“Kim left us abruptly on January 5th. His relatives share with you their deep grief at this sudden disappearance. Please avoid spreading false rumors or spreading speculation, in order to respect the bereavement of the family. Kim’s funeral will be held in the strictest of privacy at their discretion. We hope that she now rests in peace and offer our most sincere condolences to her loved ones and her family ”, can we read.

Born March 16, 1992, Kim Mi-soo began her career modeling, before getting her first role in 2018 in the film Lipstick Revolution. She then got a role in a popular Korean series, Hi Bye, Mama !, before seeing her name appear in the credits of Hellbound, a series that has become very popular on Netflix in which she appears in episodes 4, 5 and 6. Kim Mi-soo was also one of the main roles in Snowdrop, a series broadcast on Disney + on the Asian continent.

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