Monday, May 23

Ninja Warrior: Who is Jean Tezenas du Montcel, the essential candidate of the TF1 obstacle course?

The only winner of the French edition of “Ninja Warrior” in 2020, Jean Tezenas du Montcel has become a legend in the game show broadcast on TF1, by competing in five finals in as many participation.

Aged 31, this former head of the European scouts from Sallanches is a graduate of the University of Technology of Troyes and of the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon. Jean Tezenas du Montcel is now a product engineer for a famous sports equipment manufacturer. He is passionate about climbing and mountaineering, two disciplines that allow him to shine on the course of Ninja Warrior. And contrary to what viewers might believe, there is no need for specific preparation for the TF1 show.

“Physically, I am well prepared for the sports I do on a daily basis so I am not preparing specifically for Ninja. My primary sport is climbing, but today I practice all mountain sports: skiing, ice climbing, mountaineering, paragliding … ”, he explained in an interview with the site in February 2021.

Before bursting the screen on TF1, Jean Tezenas du Montcel had participated in the Chinese version of the obstacle course, when he was a business school student. He had managed to pass the qualifications, but without being able to go further due to a return to France already scheduled. When the game arrives in France, his friends then encourage him to register. And it is in 2016 that viewers will discover it at the start of his first journey, his headphones in his ears, pacing up and down, before setting off. And to become the greatest champion of the French version of Ninja Warrior. Having finished first twice in a row, he will try this time, from Friday, to beat his own record, for his sixth participation in as many editions.

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