Wednesday, January 19

Olympic Games. Covid-19: Beijing placed under bubble one month from the Olympics

China, where the pandemic was first detected at the end of 2019, has largely eradicated the disease by resorting to very strict screening, tracing, containment and vaccination measures.

In order to accommodate the 3,000 athletes and their staff in charge of organizing the Winter Olympics (February 4-20), a “health bubble” has been set up, to avoid any contact between people from foreigners and locals outside this area.

On Tuesday, this “closed loop” was officially instituted, before the arrival of the first foreign participants. Barriers kept passers-by a safe distance from facilities planned for the Games, such as the “Bird’s Nest”, the Olympic stadium where the opening ceremony will take place.

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The “bubble” actually extends to all places foreign participants will pass, starting at Beijing Airport, where two Japanese arrived on a plane from Tokyo on Tuesday, the television reported. national.

The two travelers were taken care of separately by employees in full protective suits who accompanied them to the Olympic village “without waiting for the results of the tests” anti-Covid, said CCTV.

The serene organizers

One month before the start of the Games, the organizers want to be calm.

“You could say that we have practically completed all the preparations. Beijing is ready, ”said Zhao Weidong, communications manager of the organizing committee.

“Within the + closed loop +, we are going to put in place very strict health measures, including daily Covid screening tests, to ensure that cases of contamination are quickly detected”, he added. he explains.

All foreign participants must be vaccinated, the others being subject to a 21-day quarantine.

Chinese athletes and staff inside the bubble (volunteers, drivers, cooks, etc.) will not leave until after the Paralympic Games (March 4 to 13), after a period of quarantine.

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