Sunday, May 22

Presidential 2022. Non-vaccinated: why Macron assumes to “piss off” them

Two birds with one stone. With his little sentence on the unvaccinated, Emmanuel Macron assumes a dual detente strategy, health and political. With the risk of not fully controlling the final impact of a very calculated explosion.

A sanitary weapon …

Since this summer, the executive has deployed its fight against Covid-19 with a weapon: mass vaccination. With the arrival of each new variant, it increases the pressure on the unvaccinated. The health pass first responded to the arrival of the Delta variant. In December, the vaccine pass became the response to the Omicron emergency. Based on a scientific argument: the vaccine has a poor effect on contamination, but is very effective protection against severe forms of the disease. It therefore makes it possible to limit the impact on hospitals and the pressure on the healthcare system.

“If we were all vaccinated, we could let the virus slip away, and it would only be a gigantic booster infection! », Summarizes Professor …

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