Wednesday, May 18

Solbakken becomes HamKam substitute: – I help in times of need

National team manager Ståle Solbakken (53) on a voluntary basis will be the solution for coachless HamKam’s first training days before returning to the Elite Series.

SAVIOR IN EMERGENCY: Ståle Solbakken will be HamKam coach for the next three days.

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Solbakken confirmed this to TV 2 Wednesday.

– I help in need for a few days. I will be close to player developer Håkon Kristiansen and just help a little so that the players do not train themselves the first few days, Solbakken reports to VG.

HamKam is without a coach after Kjetil Rekdal was hired as the new Rosenborg coach before Christmas. Since then, the club has met with Lars Bohinen, at the same time as YMCA coach Jørgen Isnes has confirmed that he with her to be a candidate.

It has ended with Norway’s national team manager stepping in for a few days. Solbakken was actually supposed to be on a study trip to London under the auspices of the NFF, but the coronavirus’ omicron variant thwarts the travel plans.

Thus, Copenhagen resident Solbakken is “on holiday” in Hamar, and he uses it in Briskeby. Solbakken started his coaching career by taking “Kamma” from the Obosliga to fifth place in the Eliteserien.

– Then we will probably get a ride, HamKam veteran Aleksander Melgalvis reports with a smile to the enormous temporary employment.

– There will be “get-started-sessions”. Get the feeling with the ball, says Solbakken.

General manager Bent Svele in HamKam says that HamKam wanted to start the run-up early before the club’s first season in the Elite Series since 2008.

– Actually should have traveled to the Canary Islands for training camp already on Saturday. But corona challenges stopped it. Then we start at home first, says Svele to VG.

– And then we simply asked if Ståle could take the first three sessions. When he was allowed by the football association, we think it’s great as a club, and the players will think it’s great to have the national team manager.

– How does a national team manager get paid on HamKam’s budget?

– In heaven, Svele answers and admits that Solbakken takes the substitute days for free.

– Does this mean that there will be nothing with Lars Bohinen and HamKam – since he is unemployed and should be ready to go into work?

– No comment. I can not comment on people, Svele answers.

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