Tuesday, May 24

Trial of November 13: Salah Abdeslam fit to appear at the hearing this Thursday

While the resumption of the trial of the November 13 attacks was to mark a crucial stage, at the start of the year, the Covid-19, which contaminated Salah Abdeslam in prison, almost disrupted everything. This Tuesday, the anti-terrorism prosecution finally indicated that the only survivor of the commandos was fit to appear. And that from tomorrow Thursday.

Salah Abdeslam had tested positive last week. However, the resumption of the hearing, after a break for the Christmas holidays, should precisely be dedicated to the hearings of the accused, of which he is the principal.

As it stands, the court therefore had to first observe the results of the examinations carried out by the jihadist on Monday, before ruling on the proper conduct of the debates, as indicated by the national anti-terrorism prosecution. “In the state of the new information that I received subject to the conclusions of the medical expertise of Salah Abdeslam which will take place on Monday January 3, the debates will be able to resume normally on January 6 (…) if the new PCR test to which it will be subjected (…) turns out to be negative ”, had for his part specified to the parties the president of the special assize court Jean-Louis Périès, this weekend.

“If Salah Abdeslam is positive, we will wait until he becomes negative”, for his part indicated a source close to the matter to AFP.

His interrogation scheduled from January 13

If there was a misunderstanding concerning the modifications to the durations of isolation, coupled with those practiced in penitentiary establishments, suggesting a time that the trial could not resume before January 13 in any case, it is therefore indeed the state of health of Salah Abdeslam which was to determine his recovery.

A postponement could well have upset the organization of the hearing. The interrogation of Salah Abdeslam should normally take place on January 13 and 14, after those of some of these co-accused. An appointment which, if it had been postponed, would have added further delay to this already gigantic trial, which began on September 8 and should end at the end of May.

The special assize court, which has already heard the civil parties (relatives of victims, injured people, etc.), judges twenty defendants, fourteen of whom are physically present, suspected of having taken part, to varying degrees, in the preparation of the cases. terrorist attacks that took place more than six years ago.


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