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TV program. “Who wants to be my partner” on M6: everything that will change in the new season

“Who wants to be my partner” returns this Wednesday at 9:05 pm on M6 for a second season. Season 1, broadcast in January 2021, had allowed young companies to develop very quickly. We especially remember R-PUR, this start-up that sells anti-pollution masks and whose growth has been multiplied by seven in one year, but also clothing suitable for disabled people from the Constant et Zoé brand, whose website was visited five times more after the show aired.

Here are the novelties that await you:

1. Change of presenter

After a season 1 presented by Julien Courbet, it is Xavier Domergue, whom we heard as a sports commentator on M6, who takes over the reins for the second season.

2. New investors

Four new investors will now be part of the show. To Marc Simoncini (the founder of Meetic and more recently of the electric bicycle brand Angell), Delphine André (director of the transport and hotel company GSA) and Éric Larchevèque (creator of the Ledger cryptocurrency wallets), who we has already seen in the first season, add:

  • Anthony Bourbon: he created Feed, a start-up that offers meals in the form of hyper nutritious snacks. His story is that of a “success story” worthy of a somewhat cliché film, since he grew up in a very disadvantaged family and found himself homeless during his adolescence before becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Isabelle Weill: formerly deputy director of the NextRadioTV group and now president of IWCorp, she is invested in the fight against cardiac arrest. She obtained the Legion of Honor for her engagements.
  • Sophie Méchaly: in 1995 she founded the clothing, beauty and decoration brand Paul & Joe, which bears the name of her two sons.
  • Jean-Pierre Nadir: if he started his career with a pizza delivery company, he then devoted himself mainly to tourism, with the site, and more recently Fairmoove, dedicated to responsible travel.

3. No gifts this year

The tone of the show will also be slightly different from the previous season. At a press conference, Anthony Bourbon and Jean-Pierre Nadir both confided that they had found, by watching “Who wants to be my partner” last year, that investors were not always frank enough when proposed project did not interest them. “In season 1, the reasons for the refusal of investors in the face of a project that was not strong enough were perhaps not sufficiently developed,” said Jean-Pierre Nadir. If an entrepreneur does not come away with the money, the main thing is at least that he leaves with advice to improve his idea. “

Anthony Bourbon for his part admitted to having found the previous season “a little nice”, especially compared to the American version of the show, “Shark Tank”, in which investors are able to criticize a project in a very direct way. He thinks the show has been improved on this point for season 2, with “more talk, more talk, more advice”.

The companies taking part in this new season should be even more solid and promising than those that came before them. The production of the show did a lot of selection work before filming, so that only very interesting projects were shown on set.

And this desire to be more frank and to take less precautions of kindness will be seen from the first episode, even leading to the tone rising between Jean-Pierre Nadir and Anthony Bourbon. Faced with a project whose concept is to record a video in advance that can be viewed by people who will come to pray at a grave, the two investors had a heated debate, the first considering that it would be disrespectful to see this in cemeteries, and the second considering that it is modern and promising.

Another difference compared to the first season: “They were smarter this year because they had watched season 1! »Confided with a smile Delphine André. “They were playing on our sensitive chord to convince us. “

Two projects that caught our attention

One of the companies particularly attracted investors during the filming: Eva presented her original idea of ​​souvenir for foreigners visiting France, a kit to make a baguette at home, on his return from his trip.

The box, sold for 10 euros in souvenir shops, contains a bag of flour with yeast, a cardboard mold that unfolds, and the instructions to follow. You have to mix water with the flour, shape your baguette and put it in the oven. The result is not guaranteed to look like a baker’s baguette in every way… But it can be a fun activity, with children for example. This evening you will find out which investors have offered to take part in the project.

In addition, the record for the largest sum of money ever invested in a company during the show will be broken from the first episode, for another Made in France product.

“Who wants to be my partner”, presented by Xavier Domergue, this Wednesday January 5 at 9:05 pm on M6.

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