Tuesday, January 18

Caroline Receveur: crazy videos of her babysitter make the buzz on TikTok

Installed in Dubai since July 2020 with her companion, Hugo Philipp, Caroline Receveur uses the services of a babysitter to look after their son Marlon when they are busy. And the latter is very active on social networks.

On her TikTok profile page, this young woman named Camille does not hesitate to share snippets of her daily life as a “luxury nanny” by filming herself on board private jets, staying in palaces, or ordering meals outside. price from room service.

@camillorion It tastes like free #foryou #for you #food #fyp #vvs ♬ VVS – Nest

Camille also shares her moments of “galley”, such as putting up “baby toilets” during her evening, celebrating Christmas alone “but with sushi”, or even having to stay “one more day in Dubai because he (Marlon, editor’s note) has an ear infection ”. If she was rather discreet about the real identity of her employers in the first videos, Camille did not manage to maintain their anonymity for long.

When an Internet user announces to him that Caroline Receveur may not appreciate coming across her videos, Camille chooses to laugh about it. By making a video.

@camillorion Reply to @aure_lily when Caro will fall on my tiktoks I will be less clever #fyp #foryou #for you #babysitter #carolinereceveur #humour ♬ original sound – humor montages sound

All on the lyrics of the track from Gims et Maska, Prie pour moi. A nanny with a strong sense of humor.


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