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Djokovic’s desperate attempt: Takes the case to court

The lawyers for world number one Novak Djokovic have appeared in court in Melbourne, to stop the tennis star being thrown out of the country.

TENNISESS: Novak Djokovic.

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It reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

Djokovic got his visa denied and was therefore to be sent out of the country on Thursday, as he, according to the border guards, has not proved that he meets the entry requirements.

Judge Judge Kelly promises to work overtime to look into the case on Thursday, writes the Australian newspaper.

The judge says he was strongly advised to resolve the dispute quickly, on whether Djokovic will be sent out of the country on Thursday night or whether he can stay until a hearing can be held on Monday.

The Grand Slam tournament Australian Open starts on 17 January.

The visa problem has arisen as a result of a member of the support apparatus having applied for the wrong type of visa. This visa does not meet the requirements for exemption from corona vaccine, and since Djokovic can not prove documents that he has been vaccinated, he is denied entry to the country, Australian newspapers report.

Tough judge

Judge Kelly warns that he will not be influenced by the fact that it is the case of a world star he will deal with. The organizer of the Australian Open has requested that the case be decided by Tuesday, since they may have to bring in another player for Djokovic. Kelly does not allow herself to be pressured by it.

“If I can say with all due respect, I do not want to wag my tail here,” says Kelly, writes The Sydney Morning Herald.

The referee has asked Djokovic’s lawyers if he has access to a tennis court to train. He also asked when Djokovic is scheduled to play his first game. The Serbian world number one is located at the Melbourne Hotel by the Australian authorities.

Even the Australian Prime Minister has commented on the matter.

– Rules are rules and there is no special treatment. “I want to thank the border authorities for doing their job,” said Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday.

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