Monday, May 16

Hauts-de-Seine. Her coat gets stuck in the train and she can’t get out: her arm and leg are severed

A young woman, aged 18, was the victim of a very serious accident at Saint-Cloud station, in the Hauts-de-Seine (Paris region), on Tuesday.

Her coat got stuck in the automatic doors of her train, a Transilien (network of suburban trains serving stations in Île-de-France), and she couldn’t get out of the way. informs Le Parisien.

The accident happened when she was getting off that train.

She was then caught under the train for several meters. Her arm was severed at the shoulder and her leg at the upper end of the tibia fibula.

Quickly taken care of by the emergency services, she was transported to the hospital where the doctors achieved a feat: they succeeded in reimplanting one of her severed limbs: her right arm. The amputation of his right leg, however, could not be avoided.

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