Monday, January 17

Must urgently close one run in the Lørentunnelen

For nine days from Thursday night, the westbound race in the Lørentunnelen will be closed. The tunnel needs extensive repair after a traffic accident.

From Thursday at 22 o’clock, the westbound race in the Lørentunnelen (which is on the right side of the picture) will be completely closed to traffic until Saturday 15 January.

At 12 o’clock on December 17, a concrete truck overturned in the westbound run of the Lørentunnel. The concrete truck caused major damage to the tunnel. Now the damage must be repaired.

This means that the tunnel run towards Sinsen will be completely closed from Thursday at 10 pm and for nine days onwards. If everything goes according to plan, the race will reopen on the morning of Saturday 15 January.

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