Wednesday, January 19

Paris bombings trial: use of force requested to bring Krayem to court

(Belga) The president of the Special Assize Court of Paris Jean-Louis Périès on Thursday asked for the use of force to bring the accused Osama Krayem to the hearing, whose questioning is scheduled today as part of of the trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015. “I will be forced to use the police to make him appear in the box,” said President Périès, before asking the escort leader to go and look for him and suspend the hearing in the meantime.

One of the 29-year-old Swede’s lawyers, Me Margaux Durand-Poincloux, asked to read a letter written by her client to explain her position to the court. “At first, I wanted to express myself before this court. I saw how the debates were unfolding and I lost hope”, writes Osama Krayem. “We are all pretending, this trial is an illusion,” he adds. “I no longer think today that the fact that I appear changes anything, that’s why I made the decision not to” explain “to myself. The trial of the November 13 attacks has resumed Thursday at 12:55 pm, in the presence of the main accused, Salah Abdeslam, declared “fit” to appear after having tested positive for Covid at the end of December. (Belga)

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