Sunday, May 22

Paul Sugy’s editorial: “Health divide: who benefits from crime?”

In his editorial this Thursday, January 6, Paul Sugy, journalist at Le Figaro, looks back on the controversial remarks made by Emmanuel Macron on the unvaccinated and supported by 47% of the French, according to an exclusive CSA poll for CNEWS published on Wednesday.

The Head of State has widened a little more what one could call the “health divide”, the opposition between the French who support without saying a word the restrictions or the governmental obligations, and those who see it a deprivation of scandalous freedom.

The game is not without risk: Emmanuel Macron strengthens the support of his base but again becomes the leader of a faction, he re-establishes a camp logic: this complicates his enlargement strategy for potential future second voters tower.

By showing that he is ready to do anything to vaccinate the recalcitrant, Emmanuel Macron is speeding up the right which is accused of procrastinating on the vaccine pass. And if until then she had no clear line to defend, she can here make a difference, if not in method, at least in style!

Regarding the antivax, they are several million but have no party. While the National Rally, rebellious France or Eric Zemmour are against the vaccine pass, but basically by widening the gap between him and the most recalcitrant to the vaccine, Emmanuel Macron also knows that he angers part of the opinion which is in party already convinced that even the candidates furthest from the center of political life are still too timid.

He settles, more comfortably than ever, his face-to-face with the far right – but again takes the risk of appearing to damage the position he will probably seek again.

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