Wednesday, January 19

Presidential 2022. The quasi-candidate Christiane Taubira beats the campaign in Ariège

It floated like an air of campaign around Christiane Taubira, Thursday in Ariège, where the former minister declared to think “very seriously” about a candidacy for the presidential election of April.

“I am thinking very seriously about being able to act on improving the lives of French people,” said the former Minister of Justice (2012-2016) in Saverdun.

Thanks to this first trip of the year, Christiane Taubira has also clarified her schedule: she will unveil her decision “on January 15 at the latest”. In mid-December, she had said “consider” a presidential candidacy, making an appointment “in mid-January” to her supporters to clarify her intentions.

The left in the “dead end”

If she no longer really hides her ambitions, she therefore seems to want to wait a few more days before officially launching into the race for the presidency.

The Popular Primary, a citizens’ initiative in which she apparently wishes to take part, is scheduled for January 27 to 30. “I don’t have my hands on the calendar,” she explained, regretting the “stalemate” the left found itself in just over three months before the first round.

“Dislocation of society”

But to mark her presence in the battle, the former member of Guyana (1993-2012) lambasted the words of President Emmanuel Macron, who said he was ready to “piss off” the unvaccinated. She also deplored those of the Republican candidate, Valérie Pécresse, for having declared Thursday that she wanted to “bring out the Kärcher”.

“There is a political project behind that: it is the fragmentation, the fracture, the systematic division, and ultimately the dislocation of society, and we are all going to lose,” she said indignantly.

“The president had hitherto tried to avoid vulgarity. There, he made a statement which is still very worrying, ”denounced the former Minister of Justice of François Hollande.

Focus on the environment and agriculture

Christiane Taubira also took advantage of her presence in the rural department of Ariège to assert her desire to make the environment and the agricultural world a strong focus of her program. “I want to act in terms of public policy, and I know what that means, I have already exercised the power”, she added, after having discussed at length with Olivier Portefaix, former aeronautical engineer reconverted in organic farming in Saverdun.

“On these issues, I have retained about fifteen measures, which range from the management of agricultural land to the management of the takeover of farms through agricultural volunteering”, she developed. Then she planted an olive tree on the land of this farmer who welcomed her not far from the Pyrenean foothills.

The quasi-candidate then visited a recently emerged biogas plant not far from there, in Montaut. She continued this day dedicated to the energy transition by going to an agricultural school in Pamiers.

One way for her to anchor herself in the field of ecology, which she argues with Yannick Jadot. The candidate of the Greens had called the day before, from Bordeaux, that “Christiane Taubira, with her talent, join the campaign of environmentalists”. It looks like he will have to wait.

But perhaps there will be something new during the former minister’s next two trips, scheduled for this weekend in the Paris region …

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