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The handball masters’ European Championship test canceled by coronary fear – Danish irritation after Norwegian no

The Norwegian handball masters’ important European Championship test against Denmark on Thursday will not be played. The Danes state fear of infection in the Norwegian camp as the cause.

Torbjørn Bergerud and Sander Sagosen can look far after the match against Denmark on Thursday.

On Monday this week, it became known that the Danish goalkeeper Jannick Green had tested positive for the corona. He has since been isolated, and afterwards his teammates have been tested.

On Tuesday, the Danish Handball Association stated that the entire squad had given negative corona tests.

On Wednesday, the leaders of the Norwegian and Danish handball federations met to discuss the implementation of Thursday’s planned European Championship warm-up match. The conclusion was that it was canceled.

– The decision is made on the basis of what consequences it will have if the match contributes to the spread of infection, says commercial manager Jan-Erik Aalbu in the Norwegian Handball Association in a statement.

Wanted to play

From the Danish side, it is also clear that it was the Norwegian Handball Association that promoted the desire to drop the settlement.

– We are convinced that we could end the national match in a responsible way, but the Norwegian Handball Association would like both them and us to be tested further before a settlement, which we of course understand, says the Danes’ sports manager Morten Henriksen in a press release.

Transfer Danish TV2 he also adds that the time of the cancellation creates irritation.

– I am very upset about the time the decision was made. I received the message at 22.50 last night, says Henriksen.

– We have done everything we could to create a safe framework by increasing security and testing. It is always a risk, and Norway has felt it was too great, he adds.

Norway’s national team manager Christian Berge says that Thursday’s match meant too much risk.

– We were very eager to play also on Thursday, because it would give us good and important matching. Nevertheless, we consider the consequences to be too great if there are cases of infection, he says.

New match on Saturday?

According to the plan, Norway and Denmark will meet for a new match in Hillerød on Saturday. There should still be hope of being able to implement it.

– The goal is still to play that match. Before that time, we have a few extra days with hopefully negative tests of both teams’ players, says Jan-Erik Aalbu.

– The agreement, which was made last night, is that if both teams continue to test negative on PCR tests, we will play on Saturday, says the Danes’ sports manager Morten Henriksen.

The European Championship finals in Hungary and Slovakia start next week. A number of national teams have been plagued with coronary heart disease in the run-up. Test matches have been canceled across large parts of Europe.

Reigning Olympic champion France has, among other things, been hit hard. No less than eight players had to stand over the team’s first gathering towards the European Championships.

Norway’s squad has been through five corona tests in the last four days, and all tests were negative.

Players who test positive for corona can be ready to play no earlier than 14 days after the positive test.

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