Sunday, January 16

The price of electricity falls back on Friday

Customers in the southeast have to pay an average of around NOK 2.47 per kilowatt hour, including fees on Friday.

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It shows recent figures from the power exchange Nord Pool, which determines the price one day in advance.

The daily price for clean electricity – ie without taxes and grid rent – will be around NOK 1.59 per kilowatt hour on Friday in the areas around Oslo and Kristiansand.

If you include grid rent and fees, it will amount to around 2.47 kroner on the electricity bill. Any surcharges to the electricity company will be added.

The price thus falls somewhat back from the level on Thursday, when the price in Southeast Norway reached its highest level so far this year.

Around Bergen, the daily price will be 1.5 kroner on Friday, while around Trondheim and Tromsø the price will be about 50 øre per kilowatt hour.

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