Friday, January 21

Booba: Twitter briefly suspends the rapper’s account

After being suspended for a few hours, Booba’s Twitter account was finally reactivated this Saturday, January 8, 2022.

While a little earlier in the day, The Parisian High-Tech announced the suspension of rapper Booba’s Twitter account because of “his comments on the vaccine pass and the anti-Covid vaccine”, the Duke of Boulogne did not hesitate to react as soon as his page was reactivated. “Fake news Le Parisien Tech”, swayed the 45-year-old artist from the outset, before adding, “They (Twitter) suspended me because they found my profile picture inappropriate”.

His profile picture, which featured a drawing of the iconic “Darth Vader” character holding the lifeless body of a little “Ewok” injured by the red lightsaber in one hand, “broke the rules of Twitter”, as the Booba justified by accompanying his message with screenshots.

However, in recent days the founder of the 92i label has not hesitated to share his opinion like many other users, on the platform of the little blue bird. He thus expressed his position vis-à-vis the vaccine and the vaccination pass, going so far as to thank and support the deputy of La France Insoumise, Mathilde Panot, who had openly opposed the compulsory vaccination of children, in addition to the vaccination pass, the January 4. “We need people like you to defend the freedoms of the people” then underlined the artist.

Already banned from Instagram

This January 8, Booba who justified himself, also wished to once again support his desire “to remain free”, by inviting “the people, singers, athletes, actors … to do the same”. As he denies, “he is only giving his opinion on a delicate subject by relaying the truth”.

However after a few hours of deactivation, Booba made his comeback with a new profile photo far from “Darth Vader”, since it is an image of “Ti-Coquine des Bisounours”. If Booba is also famous for his repartee and his irony, it is probably also to keep a low profile, for the former member of Lunatic who is not in his first suspension from social networks.

Indeed, in January 2020, it was the Instagram platform that had already banned Booba for breaking the rules of the community, after several warnings. And with more than five million subscribers on his Twitter account, that is to say that for him, social networks remain a precious help in the promotion of his projects. Moreover, no later than yesterday, he unveiled a little over a minute of his very last clip “TN”, so far available in NFT, and commenting “We are there”.

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