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Cold cases: the father of Estelle Mouzin, who died in 2003, calls for a pole of specialized judges

Eric Mouzin, father of Estelle who died 19 years ago, hammered on Saturday his wish to see the creation of a pole of judges specializing in “cold cases”, at the end of the march annual silent in tribute to his daughter, about thirty kilometers from Paris.

“A new judge is called upon to intervene on a file that he does not know, we find this worrying situation”, declared Eric Mouzin in front of forty people gathered in the communal room of Guermantes, small peaceful commune of Seine-et- Marl.

Since the end of December, Judge Sabine Khéris, who had obtained significant progress in the Estelle Mouzin case, left her post at the Paris judicial court.

Saturday afternoon, about fifty people braved the winter rain for a small silent walk in tribute to Estelle Mouzin, who died at the age of nine, on the evening of January 9, 2003, when she was returning from school .

“It seemed to me that we were at a possible turning point in this matter,” added Eric Mouzin, referring to the recent sending of a letter to the Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti.

In this letter, which AFP was able to consult, he fears “a new mess” and reiterates his wish to see the creation of a pole of judges specializing in “cold cases”, that is, unsolved crimes.

“The creation of this pole should have been anticipated for a very long time. Today this pole does not exist even if the law provides for its creation”, he defended during the press conference.

For many years, the investigation went from dead ends to dead ends, despite the father’s determination to find his daughter.

Succeeding in this case to seven other magistrates, Judge Kheris had succeeded in March 2020 in having the serial killer Michel Fourniret recognize his role in the death of the child. Sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of seven young women or adolescent girls between 1987 and 2001, Michel Fourniret died at 79 in Paris on May 10, 2021.

“We know that Madame Khéris wishes to join this pole”, declared Didier Seban, one of the lawyers of the family. “For us it would be the best situation.”

“We are not in a normal case, we must give ourselves the means and ensure the continuity of the work already done,” said Me Seban.

This march was the first since the death of Michel Fourniret which occurred almost eight months ago.

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