Wednesday, January 19

Covid-19: pressure remains strong on hospitals

Nurses put on protective gowns in the intensive care unit of the Timone hospital in Marseille, January 5, 2022 Nicolas TUCAT

The pressure remained strong on hospital services on Saturday, with more than 3,800 Covid-19 patients followed in critical care, according to figures from Public Health France.

There are exactly 3,821 patients treated for the most severe forms of the disease in the intensive care units, which received 243 patients in 24 hours.

In total, 21,721 people are hospitalized with a diagnosis of Covid-19, with 1,485 new hospitalizations in 24 hours. As of Friday, hospitals had 21,605 patients and on January 1, 18,811.

The total number of admissions over seven days, which smooths out the daily lags, confirms the continued rise in key indicators. For hospitalizations, it stood at 11,536 admissions in one week (against 11,053 the day before and 10,537 Thursday).

Same scenario for critical care admissions, with 1,995 patients admitted in one week (1,942 Friday and 1,934 Thursday).

The rate of contamination is not weakening, with 303,669 new cases recorded in 24 hours. The seven-day average is on the rise, with more than 270,000 daily cases, against about 267,000 the day before, and 204,000 Thursday.

The disease has killed 125,349 people since the start of the epidemic in spring 2020. Of which 98,209 have died in hospital, with 143 new deaths in 24 hours.

In total, more than 53.2 million people (53,239,828) have received at least one injection (i.e. 79% of the total population) and 52 million (52,004,661) have a complete vaccination schedule (i.e. 77.1% of the total population). More than 28.2 million people have received a booster dose.

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