Wednesday, January 19

Egypt. Released after more than two years in detention, activist Ramy Shaath arrived in Paris

60,000 prisoners of conscience in Egypt

Egypt has more than 60,000 prisoners of conscience, according to NGOs. The United States believes that the country violates human rights in all areas and has consequently frozen 10% of its aid.

The release of Ramy Shaath does not put an end to “the need for international action against the catastrophic record of the Egyptian government in terms of human rights”, for their part affirmed 11 NGOs, including Amnesty International, the International Federation for Human Rights. Man, or Democracy for the Arab world now.

Among the “countless prisoners” still “arbitrarily detained” in Egypt are many “peaceful activists, human rights defenders, lawyers, academics and journalists detained solely for exercising their rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and freedom. association ”, listed these organizations in a joint statement, calling on Cairo to release these opponents.

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