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Lando Norris “feels ready” to beat Verstappen and Hamilton

In 2021, Lando Norris (22) again showed class behind the wheel. He believes it is possible to beat the top duo Max Verstappen / Lewis Hamilton.

GOOD BUSES: Lando Norris (right) with world champion Max Verstappen at the end of the season in Abu Dhabi in December 2021.

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Also this year, the Briton from Bristol will drive for McLaren. Considering that Red Bull and Mercedes clearly dominated, it was strong of Norris to take four podium places – with 2nd place at Monza as the highlight.

The Formula 1 profile was well placed to win in Sochi – but made a mistake. When the floodgates of the sky opened over the shores of the Black Sea, Norris was asked to drive in and change tires. He did not do that, and on the soapy surface he eventually struggled to keep the car on the track. Lewis Hamilton changed tires – and eventually took the victory, despite the fact that Norris had had a great lead.

With completely new rules in 2022, McLaren hopes to take a step up.

In an interview with Express Norris expresses that he is ready to fight with the drivers at the forefront. He points out that it is important to have experience in fighting with the best:

– When you get in that position more and more often, you feel ready to hit them.

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Recently, the result of a poll among the drivers was announced who they thought was the best in the 2021 season. Verstappen won ahead of Hamilton – and with Norris in 3rd place, ahead of the Ferrari duo Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

Viaplay commentator Atle Gulbrandsen comments on Norris’ statements as follows:

– At this time of year, everything we say about the coming season will only be speculation. We do not know the balance of power between the different teams before the testing begins. With a completely new set of rules, everyone starts with blank sheets, and it is not a given that Red Bull and Mercedes will be at the top, although it is most likely.

– McLaren and Lando Norris have high ambitions, like most others. They showed good pace in 2021, so I hope they are closer to the top. However, I think Mercedes and Red Bull will start the season on top also in 2022, I also keep Ferrari as a joker.

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It was in 2019 that Lando Norris, then only 19 years old, got the chance in McLaren – with Carlos Sainz jr. as a teammate. In an interview with ITV, reproduced by Sky, Lando Norris admits that he was depressed and worried about his Formula 1 future. He talked about pressure and stress:

– Especially at my age – I got into Formula 1 as a 19-year-old – many people’s eyes are on you. It took on dealing with all this. I felt like I did not know what was coming. If this goes wrong, if I do not get to continue next season, what will be the outcome of all this?

– Will I be driving Formula 1 next year? If not, what should I do? Because I’m really not that good at anything else in life, said Lando Norris.


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