Tuesday, January 18

TV program. Eddy Mitchell and Laurent Gerra reunited on C8, do we skip or watch?

The evening will open with the song “C’est un rocker”. C8 is broadcasting this Saturday evening “On credit and in stereo”, an evening filmed on May 27, 2021 at the Théâtre du Gymnase, in Paris, and broadcast live on Facebook. Singer Eddy Mitchell, comedian Laurent Gerra and comedian Chicandier alternate songs, accompanied by nine musicians, and moments of fun.

About twenty songs will be performed, including Eddy Mitchell’s must-haves: “Mint-colored eyes in the water”, “No boogie-woogie”, “Lèche-botte blues”, “Nashville ou Belleville”, “The last session ”,“ The elephant cemetery ”, and of course“ On credit and in stereo ”.

Laurent Gerra will imitate a dozen personalities

But other famous singers or personalities will invite themselves in the evening thanks to the talent of imitator of Laurent Gerra. Enrico Macias, Patrick Bruel, Renaud, Francis Cabrel and Serge Gainsbourg will thus come to push the song.

Other songs, such as “The country where I come from” and “Je reviens te rire” by Gilbert Bécaud, “Les bals populaire” by Michel Sardou, or even “Vieille canaille” by Serge Gainsbourg, will be performed at the occasion of the imitations of Laurent Gerra.

Jokes about Covid and vaccination

Between two titles, the imitator will have fun interpreting other personalities such as Fabrice Lucchini, Jean-Pierre Foucault, or even François Hollande. With registration taking place in May, the jokes about the Covid, vaccination and bar closings will be rife. When we know that the slight lull of summer has given way to a new wave in recent months, we could laugh yellow in front of the television.

The three men exchange frank laughs and crazy moments, in good humor from start to finish. We still regret a few beautiful jokes that go on forever, and the recurring theme (even if it is of the second degree) of “it was better before”.

“Laurent Gerra and Eddy Mitchell on credit and in stereo”, Saturday January 8 at 9:05 pm on C8.


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