Tuesday, January 25

Biathlon: Quentin Fillon Maillet wins the Oberhof pursuit and recovers the leader’s yellow bib

Double blow for Quentin Fillon Maillet. Already winner of the pursuit in Hochfilzen (Austria) and Grand-Bornand this season, the Frenchman did it again, this Sunday, January 9, in Oberhof (Germany). With this victory, he recovered the yellow bib of leader of the Biathlon World Cup at the expense of Emilien Jacquelin in difficulty.

Quentin Fillon Maillet built his victory in the last lap. Starting in 9th position, nearly thirty seconds behind Alexander Loginov, winner of the sprint on Friday, the Habs achieved a clear round on their last standing shot to emerge in the lead. He took advantage of the Russian’s failure. Comfortably in the lead and author of a clear round on his two lying shots, he was launched towards the double and nothing seemed to be able to prevent him from signing a new victory. But he suddenly collapsed with three fouls on his last standing shot.

On the lookout, Quentin Fillon Maillet did not miss this chance to grab the lead and head for his 9th World Cup success, honoring his red bib as leader of the specialty. At the finish line, he beat the Swede Sebastian Samuelsson and the Norwegian Tarjei Boe, while Loginov had to settle for the 4e square. And as happiness never comes alone, he inherited the yellow bib after the failure of his compatriot Emilien Jacquelin.

Barely on skis throughout the 12.5 km, author of four faults behind the rifle and involved in a fall, Jacquelin, who had however been exempted from the relay the day before, had a day without and did not finish only in 17th place. He will try to take his revenge next weekend, still in Germany, but this time near Ruhpolding, where once again a sprint and a pursuit will be on the program.


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