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Despite Thingnes Bø downturn: – Gets scary in the Olympics

27 days before the first Olympic distance, Johannes Thingnes Bø (28) is confused and out of ideas.

STRUGGLE: Johannes Thingnes Bø has had a bit to think about after a season where performances have varied.

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After five booms and 21st place – the third worst result of the season – on Sunday’s hunt start in Oberhof Thingnes Bø was far down. Worst of all: He had no good explanation.

– I’m out of ideas, I do not know what to do. Now I just have to hope for a miracle, because it is not something that has not been tried, the 28-year-old told NRK.

On Monday, he travels home to his wife and children at Kongsvinger, while the rest of the national team goes on altitude stays in Italy. It has been “plan A” all along. That he should go home after his worst weekend in 10 years, as he himself put it, was not part of the plan.

– It looked pretty black, but I hope he does not stay in the black hole for so long – because there are opportunities there. Johannes has probably never faced such tough adversity as now, but he is a warrior, summed up NRK expert Emil Hegle Svendsen after hearing Thingnes Bø’s honest analysis during a month before the season’s highlight, the Olympics.

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– Do not paint black

Sports manager Per-Arne Botnan in the biathlon association is also not very worried about the man who has been the world’s best biathlete three seasons in a row.

– The best thing would have been that everything worked optimally. Then he would have been safer, at the same time there is not much that needs to be done. Johannes himself says that he is confused, but physically it works well. With some small adjustments, I am sure that he will be scary in the Olympics, Botnan says to VG.

– He must not paint too much black even if the weekend was not perfect. Now he gets a week at home before the competitions in Anterselva and then a height stay before the Olympics. Then I think he will be well “prepped” for the Olympics.

Johannes Thingnes Bø did not want to talk to VG on Sunday night, but he has one message:

– Believe me, the Olympics will be good!

The 28-year-old will train for himself at home in Kongsvinger before he travels to Anterselva on Sunday.

– If he feels that he needs help or wants some sessions with follow-up, we have the opportunity to make it happen. We can follow him up if he needs to. It’s a bit up to him, says Per-Arne Botnan.

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Physically good

At home in Kongsvinger, Johannes Thingnes Bø must try to improve horizontal shooting. This season, the hit rate is a modest 78.2. On standing, it is far better with 86.4 percent.

The results after 11 World Cup races this season also confirm that the evenness and stability from last year is gone:

2020/21: 522 World Cup points, two wins, one 2nd place and three 3rd places, average position: 3.45.
2021/22: 343 World Cup points, one victory and one 3rd place. Average position: 13th place.

The confirmation that there is nothing wrong with the physical shape came in the sprint in Oberhof on Friday. Then only Tarjei Bø was faster on the track than Thingnes Bø.

That day, the problem was that the 28-year-old only hit half of the shots …

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