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Winter sports: how to prepare well physically for skiing?

Winter is often synonymous with ski holidays. But the recovery is not always easy when you have not practiced for several months, or even years. Here are a few simple but valuable tips and exercises to prepare yourself physically and hit the slopes with peace of mind.

As recalled Anouk Garnier, sports coach and high level athlete, “to protect joints and tissues, such as tendons, it is essential to impose a routine before the big day”, knowing that the ideal is to start 4 to 6 weeks before leaving.

work on knee mobility

As the knees are constantly stressed during the practice of this sport, it is important to work upstream on the mobility of this area.

To do this, she advises getting down to the ground “in a seated position, knees bent, so as to form a right angle, and to let them fall to one side, come back to the center, then tilt them to the other side. », 3 to 5 times a week, and for 5 minutes.

Another possible exercise to strengthen your lower body is to “stand up, push down on one leg, stay static, and lean forward slightly.”

Once in this position, similar to that of the skier, “you have to hold until the muscles warm up (between 15 and 30 seconds), then change sides”.

And in addition, nothing like a dynamic exercise, such as the lunge: “we position one leg forward with the knee bent, the foot flat on the ground, and the other behind, then we go up and we go down ”, remembering to alternate.

don’t forget the upper body

It is also essential not to forget the upper body, especially the arms.

In a standing position, “we make large circles with our arms and look far behind,” continues the coach, obstacle course champion.

Regarding the back, Anouk Garnier recommends “lying on your stomach, arms outstretched to the side, then raising the bust”.

Note that some rooms, especially Crossfit, are equipped with a Ski Erg, a very interesting machine to prepare physically, because it reproduces the movements of skiing and develops both strength and endurance, she emphasizes.

go gradually

Finally, when the time has come to put on your skis, and even if the temptation is great, “you must avoid skiing for several hours in a row from the first day”.

To spare your body as much as possible, “you have to go gradually, both in intensity and duration”.

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