Sunday, January 16

Covid-19. The vaccine pass arrives at the Senate on Monday

Due to the delay at the Palais-Bourbon, the government is counting on the entry into force of the law transforming the health pass into a vaccination pass “at the latest in the first days of the week of January 17”, and no longer from the 15th. .

Towards a vote with adjustments?

After three days and nights of agitated debates in the National Assembly, electrified by the controversial remarks of Emmanuel Macron, ready to “piss off the unvaccinated”, the executive is however not at the end of its sentences. The Senate majority has certainly indicated its intention to vote on the text, but certainly not without making changes.

The president of the Senate, Gérard Larcher (LR), was very clear on this subject Friday in an interview with Figaro : “I said, like a large majority of senators, that we would vote for the vaccination pass subject to adjustments, as we had done for the health pass. “

The first step is therefore expected for this Monday afternoon, with the examination in committee, after the hearing of the Minister of Health Olivier Véran. Unlike the National Assembly, the examination of texts in committee takes place in the Senate behind closed doors. For the Law Commission, it will again be Philippe Bas (LR) who will be in charge.

The rapporteur should in particular propose a mechanism providing for the termination of the vaccination pass, once certain conditions have been met. This provision would be in line with the adjustments proposed by the senatorial right since the start of the health crisis: to give the government the necessary means to fight against Covid-19, but proportionate to the situation.

Will this review bring together LR senators?

Another point that will be debated: the possibility for cafetiers or restaurateurs to carry out identity checks in the event of “serious reasons” to believe that there is fraud on the vaccination pass. The discussion on this subject will begin on Tuesday afternoon and may continue on Wednesday in the hemicycle of the Luxembourg Palace.

This will be the test of truth for the first group of the Senate. Will LR senators follow their leader Bruno Retailleau, who loudly proclaimed his intention to vote for the vaccination pass? Or will they divide like LR MPs?

The group intends to thwart the “trap” set by the Head of State with his remarks on the unvaccinated, fully assumed before the Senate by the Prime Minister. And not to disown the LR presidential candidate Valérie Pécresse “in favor of this vaccination pass since the protection of the French is linked to the respect of the protection of freedoms”.

“The Senate will not fall into the trap set by Emmanuel Macron, who wants to pose as the sole protector of the French”, launched in the JDD Bruno Retailleau. The postponement of the text will have made it possible to get out of the “hysterized climate”, according to him, which prevailed at the end of the week. Still, on July 25, 26 senators from the group (out of 147) voted against the bill establishing the health pass, while 12 abstained.

Among the irreducible LR anti-pass, Alain Houpert will do “everything so that the vaccine pass does not pass”. Laurence Muller-Bronn will vote against a “discriminatory law” which “is not based on any scientific rationality”. So will the bill pass, in a context where the ranks of anti-vaccine and anti-pass protests are swelling? Gabriel Attal said the government “was aiming for a review of the text which would be completed at the end of the week.”

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