Monday, January 24

Alain Delon: his son Anthony wants to be reassuring about his state of health

Anthony Delon has finally given news of the health of his father Alain Delon, after refusing to do so.

Anthony Delon thus comes out of the silence, while during an interview with Télé Star and unveiled yesterday, he did not wish to discuss the state of health of his famous dad Alain Delon, 86 years old. The actor then unwittingly blew a wind of panic. A situation that seems to have annoyed him. In order to put an end to possible speculation, the actor, who has found the film sets for “Murder at Mont-Saint-Michel”, a series broadcast on France 3, has finally decided to give news of his father.

“Everything is fine” according to Anthony

On Instagram, the 57-year-old actor shared an article in his story that obviously offended him. The latter resumed his words “I do not want to talk about it”, accompanied by the title “the intriguing silence of Anthony Delon on the state of health of Father Alain”. The fifty-year-old therefore offered an update while wanting to be reassuring. “Finally me ** de,” the artist wrote. “We don’t always have to tell everything! “, He continued, before adding” #tout goes well “.

Enough to nip all the rumors in the bud. Although Alain Delon was by his own admission very affected by the disappearance of relatives last year, he is doing well. In June 2019, he had also suffered a stroke.

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