Sunday, January 16

Covid-19. A cleaning lady unplugs the fridge: more than 5,000 vaccine doses lost in Angers

A human error that costs a lot. The vaccination center at Angers town hall (Maine-et-Loire) had to throw in the trash more than a thousand vials of vaccine on Sunday, reports West France.

A cleaning lady would have inadvertently unplugged a refrigerator containing these 1056 vials containing Pfizer serum, which were equivalent to more than 5,000 doses. As the cold chain could not be fully respected, these doses were wasted. Over a hundred children’s doses have also been thrown away.

After the loss of 800 doses in Brest …

A complaint has been filed, according to our colleagues. While a malicious act had initially been suspected, the trail of human error was finally retained, explained the public prosecutor of Angers.

In Brest (Finistère) on Sunday, it was a power failure which led to the throwing of 800 doses, also tells Ouest France, while the vaccination center was to open to vaccinate 600 people during the day.

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