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Got asked about this Djokovic picture – then they interrupted the press conference

Tennis player Novak Djokovic (34) is currently out of the court carousel and has started training for the Australian Open. But the controversy has far from subsided.

WAS INFECTED – DISTRIBUTED PRIZES: According to the Belgrade Tennis Association, Novak Djokovic awarded prizes to the best athletes of the year the day after he tested positive for corona according to court documents.

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– Novak was subjected to torture and harassment, Novak Djokovic’s mother Dijana said at a press conference on Monday.

By then, father, brother and mother Djokovic had spent several minutes telling about how their son and brother had been treated by the Australian authorities at a press conference.

A press conference that abruptly ended.

For the day after Djokovic tested positive for corona, his local tennis federation published photos of him handed out prizes to a group of children and young people.

When asked why Djokovic did not isolate himself, but rather was out among the people, the family simply got enough:

– This press conference is over, was the answer to brother Djordje.

According to Serbian rules at the time, anyone who tested positive for the coronavirus should be quarantined for 14 days. The Telegraph reports that the quarantine period could be shortened if a negative test was presented.

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Djokovic himself did not attend the press conference. After upholding his appeal to stay in Australia, the Serb went straight to the tennis court.

– I am happy and grateful that the judge revoked my visa cancellation. Despite everything that has happened, I want to stay in Australia and try to compete, Djokovic wrote Twitter.

But it is not a given that the world senator will stay. It is now up to Immigration Minister Alex Hawke to decide whether Djokovic’s visa should be canceled anyway.

And the Serb is not done with the Australian government. For now, the Australian government will investigate whether the Serbian tennis star lied on the documents that were to ensure his entry into Australia to participate in the Australian Open.

Djokovic responded according to Sydney Morning Herald no to the question of whether he had been traveling 14 days before arriving in Australia on 6 January. However, he is said to have made a trip from Belgrade in Serbia to Spain during this period. It emerges from photos on social media.

Giving incorrect information on this point is illegal and can lead to imprisonment for a maximum of 12 months.

The worldview of the world senator’s vaccination has been debated. The reason he did not get past the border guards in Australia is because he could not document that he has been vaccinated.

This led to a lengthy drama at the airport, where Djokovic – who is looking for Australian Open title number ten and Grand Slam title number 21 overall – was placed under police surveillance and later transported to a quarantine hotel. Before he was released on Monday.


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