Friday, January 21

Home party: the reasons for Bob Saget’s death revealed?

Actor Bob Saget died on January 9 in his hotel room in Orlando, Florida, aged 65. According to the British site of the Daily Mail, three tracks would be considered to explain the death of the star of the series “The Party at the house”.

The article thus specifies that the police would advance the hypothesis of a heart attack or a cerebrovascular accident which would have occurred while sleeping. “There was no foul play and nothing weird. All we have been told is that he died in his sleep, ”explains a source at Daily Mail.

A third track would however be under study, that of the Covid-19. Bob Saget had recently been affected by the virus, and had spoken about the symptoms felt during a podcast which he was the guest of the week before his death. “It’s not good, I don’t feel good. I got it, ”he said recalls the Daily Mail. The 65-year-old actor was however vaccinated, and had received his third injection.

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