Wednesday, January 19

Justice. Estelle Mouzin, Grégory, Dupont de Ligonnès … The “cold cases” will have their specialized jurisdiction

The announcement must be made Wednesday by Eric Dupond-Moretti himself, in an interview with 20 Minutes.

The Minister of Justice must confirm the creation of a specialized jurisdiction to deal with “cold cases”, these unresolved criminal cases which have sometimes been dormant for years in the courts. France would have between 200 and 300, some of which are among the most difficult and mysterious cases, such as the Grégory affair, the disappearance of Estelle Mouzin or the familicide of which Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès is suspected.

The idea is to create a judicial pole responsible for dealing with these cases on an ongoing basis: prosecutors (in charge of prosecutions), investigating judges (who lead the …

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