Tuesday, January 25

Paris: the “House of press cartoons” will open rue du Pont-de-Lodi

It is a wish dear to Emmanuel Macron. The future European House of Press Cartoon and Satirical Cartoon will open in Paris in “two or three years”, rue du Pont-de-Lodi (6th), communicated the Elysee this Tuesday, January 11, on this anniversary of the march in tribute to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack.

Last year, on the same anniversary date, the President of the Republic announced the creation of a mission to create a “house of press cartoons and satirical cartoons”, defending press cartoons and the right to blasphemy as element of freedom of expression.

A place located near Notre-Dame de Paris

A year later, the Head of State chose “this day to announce the decision of the location of the European or international house of press cartoon”, specified the Elysee on Tuesday, explaining that the place will be installed 2, rue du Pont-de-Lodi (6th), near Notre-Dame Cathedral, “within 2 to 3 years”. It will then be intended to host exhibitions and organize media education actions throughout France.

As for the name of the place, it is not yet final, since the term “house of caricature” had already been deemed “too restrictive”, and the addition or not of the word “satirical drawing”, desired. by Maryse Wolinski and the signatories of the September platform, had not yet been decided.

“It is possible that this place is considered a target and it is necessary to think of the security”, also indicated the Elysee, supported by the drafting of Charlie Hebdo. “For a long time, the press cartoon was rarely taken into account by national cultural policies, and no one will complain to see today this oversight repaired”, communicated the weekly on Tuesday.

A place to defend the press cartoon

“The tragedy undergone by our newspaper in 2015 raised a wave of planetary support which highlighted the attachment to this aspect of freedom of expression that is the press cartoon, well beyond the borders of France “, he added.

Last September, Maryse Wolinski, the widow of the cartoonist killed in the attack on Charlie He Weekly, accompanied by six cartoonists, called on the Head of State to formalize his promise. She finally passed away a few days ago, without having been able to see her dream come true.

“It was the dream of Georges Wolinski, carried since his death by his wife Maryse Wolinski. It will be granted ”, welcomed the mayor of the 6th arrondissment Jean-Pierre Lecoq, who expressed his“ great satisfaction to see this project materialize in the nerve center of culture in Paris ”.

“Place of culture, place of education, place of meetings … This House will be alive, it will be free, it will be like those who make the beauty of our democracy every day in the press,” he said. he insisted, wishing “to defend the press cartoon”, “to defend this art as it should”.


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