Friday, January 28

Police. In Denmark, the head of military intelligence jailed … for espionage

The Danish military intelligence chief has been jailed for a month for leaking confidential documents, local media revealed on Monday after a court hearing in Copenhagen. Lars Findsen, who has been head of Danish Military Intelligence (FE) since 2015 but on leave since 2020, was arrested in early December on these espionage charges.

Classified information transmitted to the media

“I plead not guilty,” he said, before the judge declared it closed, the leading daily Politiken reported. On December 9, the Danish authorities announced, without revealing their identity, the arrest of four people, former or current members of the two intelligence services of the Nordic country. They are accused, among other things, of having disclosed “without authorization highly confidential information from the intelligence services”.

With the exception of Mr. Findsen, the other three have since been released. The investigation is being conducted behind closed doors, which means the exact charges and the nature of the leaks remain unknown. According to the local press, the case relates in particular to leaks of classified information to Danish media. Several journalists were reportedly interviewed by investigators.

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