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Ruud about the Djokovic scandal: – Obviously many mixed feelings among the people

The chaos around Novak Djokovic (34) is also a talking point among the world’s best tennis players. While Casper Ruud (23) is preparing for the Australian Open, the Serb is still waiting for a final answer on whether he will be allowed to play or not.

FOCUSED: Casper Ruud is ready for the Australian Open this month. The Norwegian is seeded as number eight and has a goal of a quarterfinal in the tournament.

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– It is not an ideal charge, you can honestly say that. To be locked up in a hotel for four to five days. He probably wished he had those days for training, says Casper Ruud to VG.

The Norwegian has been in Australia for a couple of weeks already and is sharpening his form towards this year’s first Grand Slam. At the same time, Novak Djokovic has run into deep problems with the Australian authorities.

The 34-year-old could not document that he had been vaccinated on arrival in the country, and after a long drama at the airport, Djokovic was placed under police surveillance and later transported to a quarantine hotel. On Monday he was released.

– It will be interesting to see the reaction of people if he gets to play the tournament. There are obviously many mixed feelings among the people here, whether he is allowed in or not. As of now he is inside, and was at the facility yesterday and trained. Then we will see how the situation has affected him, says Ruud.

Djokovic has won 20 Grand Slams and is the player who has topped the world rankings the most weeks of all time. Norway’s best player, currently ranked number eight in the world, Djokovic believes can be counted on this time even if he gets the green light to go out on the hard court.

– If he gets to play here, he is obviously the favorite, Ruud thinks about the world number one.

– He has a routine that no one else in the tournament here has. He and Nadal are the ones who have been at the top the longest, so I do not think it is a crisis for him not to have played in a few days. We just have to wait in excitement. It is, as far as I understand, an ongoing case, he continues.

SUMMIT: Ruud and Djokovic played against each other during the Italian Open in 2020. They also met during the APT final in November last year.

The storm around Djokovic has become world news, but does not affect Ruud’s charge. The Norwegian is seeded as number eight and can probably not face Djokovic in a quarterfinal.

However, Ruud understands why the situation becomes a big issue.

– There is a lot of uproar, but it is the world’s best player who is in this situation. Had it been Nadal, it would have been the same, but with another it might not have been as big a buzz around it, he says.

– But exactly on corona and vaccine, Australia is very careful – can say rule riders, and it is completely “fair”. It is a country that has always been there for all sorts of things. Everyone who has been here sometimes knows that. They love their rules. We will only see what happens, Ruud concludes.

Djokovic has won the Australian Open nine times before. Ruud is aiming for a quarter-final in one of the season’s Grand Slam tournaments.


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